A Cosmicratic view of my home state

If someone were to ask whether Arizona is full of political corruption, I might answer with the question, Is the state run by Republicans?
The answer to both questions is, of course, YES. It's sort of like asking if the Pope is Catholic.

Added to this page in the future will be information on the many failings of Arizona government under Republican control, AND on those who, with our support may be able to change this state for the better. I am a long-time resident of the Phoenix area, and I love the beauty and climate of Arizona and many of the people, but Republicans and conservatives have done serious social and economic harm here, and it should be put right.

We, the people of Arizona need to organize and eject the reactionaries, regressives, and hate-mongers with whom our government is infested.

Corruption here is really no more of a secret than the politics of hate for which Arizona Republicans have become famous. But knowing about it and getting it prosecuted are different matters. The Phoenix New Times, a weekly newspaper, has been digging up information for years

July 20, 2011: Instead of doing anything positive and useful, our Arizona Legislature has spent its time on bills that do nothing but push right-wing ideology

Adoption discrimination This bill is not only useless, it legalizes bigotry and puts prejudice ahead of the welfare of children.

A TEA PARTY LICENSE PLATE? If Motor Vehicles can issue political plates, won't they have to do it for any and all political parties and organizations? Isn't that what bumperstickers are for?

Does Arizona really need a state gun? Well, now it has one. It's a single-action Colt revolver. What a surprise. I was expecting it to be a semi-automatic with a 30-round clip. Weren't you?

So grab your Colt and join the new State Militia. Anyone 18 to 45 is eligible. And head for the border.

Schweikert putting brakes on surging solar industry Aren't Republicans supposed to be for HELPING small business? The one fast-growing industry Arizona has, with the potential to create good jobs, Congressman Schweikert wants to kill!

LOOSER GUN SAFETY If you read the story below, you'd think better training might be needed for concealed-weapon permits. The legislaure voted to make training courses LESS accountable.

July 11, 2011: Lori Klein, Arizona State Senator, Pointed Loaded Gun At Reporter Richard Ruelas's Chest
A Republican advocate of gun rights, Klein blatantly disregarded basic gun safety while showing off her pink .380 Ruger.

July 10, 2011: PEARCE RECALLED! Arizona Daily Sun — State election officials announced Friday there are more than enough signatures to force Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, to defend his seat.
Pearce is the right-wing extremist who authored the infamous SB-1070 designed to turn all police in the state into immigration enforcers, and make all Hispanic-looking people objects of suspicion.

July 5, 2011: The City of Phoenix awards contracts with a process almost as careless and chaotic as the Defense Department did in Iraq!
Phoenix's bid rules for contracts called ripe for abuse

A big part of the problem is that Phoenix and other cities is contracting entirely too much to private companies. Anything ongoing, not temporary like a construction project, should be managed and staffed by city employees. Otherwise, the taxpayers are funding a private profit as well as the cost, or are losing out on a portion of the revenue being made. And that is assuming a fair bid system is used. If not, as in Phoenix, even more money is wasted.

The Feds Have Evidence That Joe Arpaio Broke the Law -- When Will The Indictments Come?

The notorious Sheriff Arpaio, the meanest, most bigoted, self-serving and corrupt sheriff in America, may finally get what he deserves. This is a fascinating story in which Arpaio's own vindictive nature led to discoveries that has mis-used his office and misappropriated $99.5 million in taxpayers' money.

MCSO Commanders Dave Hendershott and Paul Chagolla Threatened Reporter for Doing Her Job

Joe Arpaio Deputy Accused of Human Smuggling Served on Anti-Human-Smuggling Task Force; Detention Officer Pregnant With Cartel "Kingpin's" Baby

Typical of right-wingers, who often call victims of racism 'racists', J.D. Hayworth tries to label the opponents of Russell Pearce, infamous anti-Mexican-American extremist, as fascists:

Morning Poll: Did Joe Arpaio Know About Corruption in His Office?

ACLU to Defend Medical Marijuana Law Against Legal Attack by Governor Jan Brewer
Famous for claiming imaginary headless bodies in the desert and lying to Arizona voters about the budget, Governor Brewer is trying to deny the will of the voters who approved medical marijuana
Oddly enough, while trying to claim states' rights on the immigration issue, she takes the opposite position on this law.

Victory for the ACLU Against Arpaio and Lieutenant Joe Sousa
They claim they don't use racial profiling. It has now been proved in court that they do!

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