What's a Cosmicrat?

There are two definitions.
[1] I am the Cosmic Rat.
[2] A COSMICRAT is a member of the cosmicratic movement. Cosmicracy is a social and political philosophy which seeks to eliminate all divisive labels that we place on ourselves and one another. We should not think of ourselves as citizens of a state or a nation, or even our planet, but of the universe; the cosmos.

Why not of the Earth? Human beings may live elsewhere some day. We may even meet intelligent beings from elsewhere. We may as well start preparing now.

The ideal is a world where borders between countries mean no more than county lines or city limits do today. True, we have a long way to go to reach that ideal, but if we don't imagine it, think about it, and work toward it, we'll never get there.

We need to stop thinking locally. People from one place, of one color, one sex, one sexual orientation, one religious belief or nonbelief, are inherently no better or worse than any other. No one is any more or less deserving of a share of a planet's resources.

No matter how democratic our system of government, if we as voters do not have a firm vision of the world we want to live in, we will continue to be manipulated into allowing wars and divisive policies. Those who seek only personal power and wealth, who encourage us to fear and hate other human beings, never stop trying to regain power.

For more thoughts on the cosmicratic philosophy, see: Cosmicracy
CosmicRat Oct 28, 2007