I was shocked to receive an email from Cox, my internet service provider for 8 years, announcing that they would no longer provide web space after December 6. This is another reprehensible corporate greed-driven reduction in customer service. Not only have they happily accepted over $50 a month from me for internet access, raising their prices on a regular basis, including only a meager 10 megabytes of space per email address, but now they are withdrawing that important part of what I pay them for!

So, I ask myself, if I must go elsewhere to pay for webspace, why shouldn't I go elsewhere for high-speed internet access? Why should I remain loyal to a company that will not uphold the agreement I made when I signed up?

Here is what they said:
Dear Valued Customer,
Effective December 6, 2011, Cox will no longer offer Personal WebSpace service. We are taking this step because there has been minimal use of the service. We'd like to make sure we help you transition your Personal WebSpace files and content as smoothly as possible.
Our records indicate that you may have files or content on the Personal WebSpace Service. If you would like to save this content, please follow the below steps before December 6, 2011.....
NOTE: Any files you uploaded to the Cox Personal WebSpace service will be deleted on December 6, 2011.
Cox Communications

Notice the Dear Valued Customer Valued? Hardly. They obviously don't give a damn about anything but my monthly fee, as they calmly inform me that they will delete both of my websites, nearly 200 pages of material.

I will certainly find other webspace, but I am one angry consumer. I will be looking for another dependable access provider as well.

The Cox Response

I emailed Cox Cable regarding their intention to fail to provide webspace:
I am very displeased at your intention to stop providing web space on Dec. 6. Nearly every ISP I know of provides that (and usually more), and your service charges a premium price, for which I should expect at least full ISP service. I believe you should now reduce my monthly bill by the $5 I will now have to pay for a host for my website.
They responded as follows:
While Cox Personal WebSpace is expiring, customers who currently have personal WebSpace(s) can save their files by adding them to the Cox Secure Online Backup. [Consoling me with irrelevancy.]
You may want to check out all the other interesting features Cox provides online... [Distracting me with useless toys?]
Your e-mail or the way that you access your online account will not be changing. [Why would it?] If you have any additional inquiries or concerns, please reply back directly to this message and we will gladly assist you further. Regretfully, we are unable to credit your account for the loss of Cox WebSpace, as this was a free feature that we offered to Cox High Speed Internet subscribers. [FREE? If I had stopped paying them every month, ALL their services would cease. How can they define ANY of their services as FREE?]
What we have here is yet another example of Twisted Corporate Logic designed to give the consumer as little as they can get away with. The greed-based economic system and its amoral ethics enables them to do the same to workers as well.

My website will continue, with paid hosting by