Democrats, moderates, libertarians with intelligence and a concern for humanity: don't let the extreme authoritarian right-wingers cripple America and hand our democracy over to the corporations! VOTE!

It is no secret why Republicans are threatening to win back some seats in Congress. UNEMPLOYMENT. It hasn't gone away, and with nonstop Republican and Teaparty propaganda, many people are now willing to blame Democrats for not fixing it yet.
Perhaps Democrats have been too quick to imply that it could be improved soon, rather than being entirely realistic, making it seem that what has been done didn't work.
Being realistic has its drawbacks too, though. Building confidence in the economy is important to recovery. Recessions and recoveries are strongly affected by psychology.
What we should know is that we will recover, but it will take time. Historically, it always has: the more serious the recession, the longer it takes to get back to normal employment rates.
The last recession that was almost this serious was Ronald Reagan's, with unemployment around 10 percent, like this one. It took at least 5 years to get unemployment back down.
The Democratic approach will, or would, work better, but better means 3 or 4 years.


Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) vs. former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment Linda McMahon

In October 2007, Blumenthal was among only four state attorneys general to lobby Congress to reject proposals to provide immunity from litigation to telecommunications firms that cooperated with the federal government's terrorist surveillance
In 1998 Blumenthal sued Microsoft alleging antitrust violations in the marketing of the Windows 98 operating system.
Global warming
Blumenthal has been a vocal advocate of the position that human activity is responsible for rising global temperatures and that prompt action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must be taken. He has urged the Environmental Protection Agency to declare carbon dioxide as a dangerous air pollutant.
He has brought suit against a number of electric utilities in the Midwest, arguing that coal-burning power plants are generating excess CO2 emissions. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently agreed to allow Blumenthal's lawsuit to proceed.

McMahon is a hawk on Iran, saying all options should be on the table, including the military one, and has promised more representation to defense contractors from Connecticut.
McMahon is a staunch supporter of offshore drilling.
tax reductions on capital gains and dividends
abolition of the estate tax and the gift tax
passage of pending free trade agreement with Colombia (where they still murder labor leaders)
government deregulation, rejecting cap and trade and card check legislation

No, not exactly. Most tea party people are against free trade agreements like NAFTA, and so are most Americans. It's one thing we agree widely on. But many of the candidates the tea party is backing actively support free trade!


Michael Bennet vs. Ken Buck
Vote for: Michael Bennet for Senate

Ken Buck opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest. He wants to abolish Social Security. Originally he wanted to repeal the 17th Amendment that provides for direct election of Senators. Now that he's running he changed his mind. He's against Federal student loans.


These are the candidates who have proclaimed they oppose ALL abortion, EVEN IN CASES OF RAPE, INCEST, OR TO PROTECT THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER.
There are at least 79 of them running, 7 for Senate and 72 for the House. These numbers are taken from those who answered a survey by the RNC Pro-Life PAC.
There may be more who didn't respond. This is an extreme group which does not endorse anyone who would allow ANY exception to banning all abortions. All listed below indicated they agreed, and all were endorsed except a few, which are so indicated, presumably for other reasons.
BE SURE TO VOTE, and vote AGAINST any of the extremists on the list below. There is no place for that kind of authoritarian anti-women ideology in public office!
Trent Franks (incumbent)
Jesse Kelly
Gerald Hashimoto
Merlin Froyd
CD-37 Star Parker
CD-42 Gary Miller (Incumbent)
CD-43 Scott Folkens
CD-52 Duncan Hunter (Incumbent)
The PAC site left out Colorado, but note above that Ken Buck also takes the extreme position
U.S. Senate Christine O'Donnell (not endorsed)
Daniel Webster
CD-09 Gus Bilirakis (Incumbent)
CD-16 Thomas Rooney (Incumbent)
Karen Harrington
Sandy Adams
David Rivera (not endorsed)
CD-05 Fenn Little
CD-08 Austin Scott
CD-01 Raul Labrador
CD-02 Isaac Hayes
CD-06 Peter Roskam
CD-08 Joe Walsh
CD-16 Donald Manzullo (incumbent)
CD-17 Bobby Schilling
CD-04 Todd Rokita
CD-05 Dan Burton (Incumbent) (
CD-08 Dr. Larry Bucshon
U.S. Senate Jerry Moran
CD-01 Tim Huelskamp
U.S. Senate Rand Paul
CD-01 Dan Benishek
CD-02 Bill Huizenga
CD-07 Tim Walberg
CD-08 Mike Rogers (Incumbent)
CD-09 Rocky Raczkowski
CD-10 Candice Miller (Incubent)
CD-11 Thaddeus McCotter (Incumbent)
CD-12 Donald Volaric
CD-04 Teresa Collett
CD-06 Michele Bachmann
CD-07 Lee Byberg
CD-08 Chip Cravaack
CD-02 Bill Marcy
U.S. Senate Roy Blunt
CD-02 Todd Akin (Incumbent)
CD-03 Ed Martin
CD-04 Vicky Hartzler
CD-05 Jacob Turk
CD-09 Blaine Luetkemeyer
U.S. Senate Ovide Lamotagne (not endorsed)
Frank Guinta
CD-06 Anna Little
CD-02 Steve Pearce
CD-27 Leonard Roberto
CD-10 Patrick McHenry (Incumbent)
CD-13 William Randall
CD-02 Jean Schmidt (Incumbent)
CD-05 Bob Latta (Incumbent)
CD-08 John Boehner (Incumbent)
CD-10 Peter Corrigan
CD-17 Jim Graham
CD-18 Robert Gibbs
Charles Thompson (not endorsed)
CD-04 Art Robinson
CD-03 Mike Kelly
CD-04 Keith Rothfus
CD-05 David Hall
CD-06 Diane Black
CD-08 Stephen Fincher
CD-09 Steve Mueller
CD-15 Eddie Zamora
CD-17 Bill Flores
CD-20 Clayton Trotter
CD-25 Donna Campbell
CD-30 Stephen Broden
CD-11 Keith Fimian
U.S. Senate Clint Didier
CD-02 John Koster
CD-01 David McKinley
CD-08 Reid Ribble (not endorsed)

The Republican/Teabagger propagandists, whith unlimited funds behind them, including the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce have been ruthlessly lying to the voters about health care, stimulus spending, and any issue they can think of. Make no mistake- they are not doing this for the average American. Their interest is the big corporations, the banks; the rich and powerful.

Arizona Corporation Commission

These people oversee the utility companies. Vote for 2.
David Bradley should be one of them-- he's a man with a vision, of Arizona as a leader in solar power development.

So does Jorge Luis Garcia
He points out: The cost of Republican rule of the Corporation Commission has been huge. Electrical rates have skyrocketed, and Arizona remains at the bottom of the nation with respect to clean energy. Less than 2% of our electricity in Arizona comes from clean energy sources.

Considering that we have more sun than almost anyone, it's a shame we're not already the solar leader.

Off the top of Christine O'Donnell's head,

there is no evidence of intelligence within it.
She couldn't think of a recent Supreme Court decision she disagreed with. Or any at all, for that matter.
But if she COULD think of the most momentous decision in decades, and perhaps the worst since the Dred Scott decision, is the supposedly "grass roots" teaparty in FAVOR of unlimited anonymous corporate political spending? Where does that leave the common people? The incorporated super-citizen created by the court is the power behind the teabagging hyper-conservatives being inserted into the Republican party.

REPUBLICORP Wants to take over