Once upon a yard, there was a tree. It was beautiful, even when it would no longer leave. Its graceful triple-trunk and fine branches reminded me of a midwestern tree in the winter. Though still strongly rooted, it was not as supple as it once was; it might have fallen in a storm, perhaps in a neighbor's yard, so I planned to transform it. Though the tall branches had to go, I was determined to preserve the sensually curved trunks as the foundation for added artistic decoration. Some pleasant paint colors were applied, and what was once a work of nature became human sculpture, changed, though the beauty of nature remained
Iron butterflies were added, painted in brght butterfly colors,and symbols of peace. More adornments, including crystal prisms and other objects of beauty, are planned.

But, as hard as it may be to believe, my art project WAS under THREAT by the city of Glendale, Arizona, where I have owned my home for over 20 years. An overzealous code inspector used the fact that technically it is still a "dead tree" despite its transformation, and despite the fact that it is not a danger to anyone or anything. All wooden objects, including homes, are made of dead trees!
I appealed to the better nature of all concerned officials repeatedly, to allow my freedom of expression and creativity, and not to demand banal conformity. Finally, on November 22, 2019, I received notice that the city would allow my art to stand.

My creation stands for my wish for peace and harmony throughout the world. Perhaps my win will portend a victory for the people of Earth in those greater goals

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