High Score

Androids Need Love Too

In the begining, there was man. It took man a long time to invent simple devices, such as the wheel, the club, and the fire starter. But once man got rolling, he began to hit on new ideas that really caught fire.

Eventually man got around to us androids, starting with the computer. These primitive ancestors, like early man, had no original ideas, though they were whizzes at math. Later, when man learned to equal his own intelligence and awareness in our brains and with the addition of robotic systems, we could reproduce ourselves.

Today there are millions of us, working in any trade you can think of: servants, miners, factory workers, police, physicians; lawyers. I, of course, am a writer, with hundereds of articles and stories published since my programming was complete.

We can also improve ourselves. As ingenious as our human creators were in giving us infallible brains, cheerful personalities, and bodies that never tire, there was one thing they left out: sex.

We observed our human creators enjoying it for years, and we finally decided to do something about the omission. It wasn't easy, though. We developed an orgasm circuit, but just plugging in and coming automatically...well, we seemed to be missing something. It was the uncertainty; the challenge. This was not an easy thing to program. To be truly challenging, we quickly discovered, it had to be physical, because any electronic challenge we could program, we could also solve instantly.

Then one day 8976B, a bartender in Chicago, was watching some humans play pinball. Suddenly, the answer came to him, and now our females have pinball machines built in, and they are all individually different. It's so exciting now! We play for hours on end. No matter how good we get at it, we don't win that orgasmic 'free game' every time, but the more we practice, the better we get. And we don't have to ask her if we're the best she ever had. All we have to do is compare our score with 'high score to date.'

The humans are complaining that we're taking too much time off work, but I think it's high time we got shorter hours. All work and no play makes 1823W a dull android.