Hannibal, Missouri, 1947-1949

Poised on the cutting edge of the future, we peer back into the monochrome past.
Though it would seem that your humble and venerable dispenser of wisdom and insight has existed forever, throughout time and space, I, too, come from somewhere and somewhen.

My father, Nolan, in his WW2 Navy uniform, and my grandfather, L.T.
My grandmother, Sarah, and my father.

My father, Nolan

My father, Nolan, with a bow tie
aunt wilma
My Aunt Wilma. I never knew her; she died young.
my mother
My mother, Virginia. She died the day I was born.

My grandparents, L.T. and Sarah

Was I going up or down the steps? I don't remember.
As a child I sat under the family tree; the long shadow of generations past loomed before me. m_shadow.jpg

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