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CIA Created Afghan Heroin Trade « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson Nov 11, '12 4:04 PM
Here's some history. As is usual, when recent situations are bad, there are historical explanations for it that those responsible would rather you didn't know.

how hard is it to run an election? Nov 10, '12 5:08 AM
From my Opera blog

New Documents Show Romney's Bain Lies are Piling Up Sky High Nov 4, '12 11:14 PM
Republicans have been synonymous with corruption since Nixon, but few have reached this level of prevarication and personal financial dishonesty before an election. We should be grateful to know it in time, but still it boggles the mind that a candidate could be so contemptuous of the people, of honesty and integrity, and of democracy itself.

The Living Room Candidate - Commercials - 1952 - Ike for President Nov 2, '12 6:59 PM
The history of politics on TV.

Auto companies hit back against Romney ads – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs Oct 31, '12 1:46 AM
Romney lies outrageously. There is nothing new about that. This time has lied about two of America's most important manufacturers, and they are not pleased. Odd, one might think, for a candidate who presents himself as pro-business to be libeling corporations that contribute to the economy and provide jobs to many, but clearly that doesn't matter to him. Because President Obama saved those companies, they, along with Obama himself, have become targets of his blatant prevarications. Romney has no honor, no decency, and no character. He proves that over and over.

Chomsky: Humanity Once Came to the Cliff's Edge of Total Self-Annihilation -- Let's Make Sure It Never Happens Again | Alternet Oct 24, '12 3:45 AM
John F. Kennedy has been revered and respected by many for over half a century, and there are good reasons for that. But there is another side- a dark side, in his foreign policy, revealed by the details. Much of the good enlightened leadership we think we might have had if he had lived exists only in our imagination.

The end of the New World Order | Seumas Milne | The Guardian Oct 20, '12 8:38 PM
The real meaning of "New W orld Order" is not the tinfoil-hat version. It simply means a change in the international balance of power, as happened with the end of the USSR. As this article states, misusing world power can reduce it, or change its nature.

Defeat Romney, Without Illusions about Obama | Common Dreams Oct 19, '12 6:53 PM
Daniel Ellsberg explains why 3rd parties and non-voting are not acceptable alternatives, not even for progressives who are dissatisfied with President Obama.

Despite U.S. opposition, Hugo Chavez re-elected as Venezuela’s president « hillnholler Oct 18, '12 11:26 PM
To understand a country's politics, you must understand its history. Chavez has received much unfair and uninformed criticism

ARIZONA ISSUES, NOVEMBER 2012 Oct 14, '12 1:39 AM
For fellow Arizonans, we have lots of propositions on the ballot. Here are my opinions on each of them. If anyone would like to discuss them, feel free. Any input on 'open primaries' from anywhere is especially welcome.

US-Led Abuse and Rendition of Opponents to Gaddafi’s Libya Oct 6, '12 8:53 PM
This document speaks for itself. Everyone should read it. It outlines the Bush administration's collusion with Gaddafi and the human rights violations of Libya's former regime.

Black people in Mormon doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sep 10, '12 3:17 AM
In 1978, the Mormons suddenly ended their doctrine that held black people to be spiritually inferior, with a declaration by Spencer W. Kimball. Since then, they are no longer officially racist.
What is most interesting about this article is the twisted logic by which they justified the original doctrine. No one expects a religion to be rational, of course, but some religious thinking is more bizarre than usual.
Similar arguments were used by pro-slavery Christians in the South. Abolitionists, of course, often based their opposition to slavery on Christianity as well. A belief can be used for good as well as ill, but one thing is certain: religion does not determine morality.

Fear of a Black President - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic Sep 6, '12 4:20 AM
This is the best, most thorough and thoughtful article I have read on the subject. It is not just about a black President. It is about the nature of America and the central role that racial attitudes have played throughout our history.

I become Opera-tive. Aug 25, '12 7:10 PM
My introductory Opera blog. Opera may not be my only or final solution, but a site from a browser company based in Norway, whose name begins with a big 'O' can't be all bad.

The Way It Was | Mother Jones Aug 24, '12 4:32 AM
We are constantly reminded of the Republicans' attacks on a woman's right to control her own body. What we need to learn, or be reminded of, is the dark history of the time before women had that right. This story, in both a personal and factual way, does that most effectively.

Why Pussy Riot matters – Global Public Square - Blogs Aug 17, '12 9:18 PM
'Say what you will about Pussy Riot: this might not be your kind of music. Their actions might offend you. But this doesn't change the fact that freedom of expression, in whatever peaceful form it takes, is a human right, and one on which the protection of other rights rests.'

Amnesty International USA - New York, NY - Non-Profit Organization | Facebook Aug 17, '12 9:16 PM

Meet Gauss: The latest cyber-espionage tool | ZDNet Aug 13, '12 12:29 AM
'There is enough evidence that this is closely related to Flame and Stuxnet, which are nation-state sponsored attacks. We have evidence that Gauss was created by the same 'factory' (or factories) that produced Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame.'
Lebanon, Israel, and Palestinian territory are where the highest number of infections have been found. It targets banking information. Isn't that interesting?

Is Making a Protest Vote in Presidential Elections a Vanity Choice? | Alternet Aug 7, '12 2:30 AM
That's right: VANITY. That's what voting for 'designer' candidates with "perfect" platforms amounts to. If you choose to vote (or not) just to make yourself feel good about not compromising, you are choosing NOT to make a difference.

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jul 31, '12 5:24 AM
I suspect many Americans have never heard of Operation Gladio. We should- it's part of our history. It is also a part of European history, and it shows that it isn't just Latin Americans, islanders, and Arabs with oil that the US tried to exploit and control-- it's our European allies too.
The Case of Italy