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If you have checked out my Technorat section, you may have guessed that, when it comes to portable inanimate objects you don't want to lose, I believe in tying them down. Use string, chain, or rope, or whatever is handy.
I have several things tied to large heavy objects, and I always know where they are.
This logical and effective method somehow bothered my most recent ex-wife.
Unlike remote controls, lighters, and pens, people, women in particular, should NOT be tied, in my opinion. They should be there, where and when you want them, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, not because they're tied to the bedposts. Moreover, they should KNOW, deep inside, that they are where they want to be. If they must be tied or or if they must imagine that they are tied, one may be better off losing them altogether.
As for those who play games with ropes and whips and chains, I do not begrudge them their fun. But to me, complete mutuality is the ultimate enhancer.

``captain rat