Not much is heard about this great little operation these days, but it remains the most secure and cost-effective birth-control method in existence. Since there are still entirely too many unwanted pregnancies and too many people on Earth, a vascectomy is an excellent choice for any man intelligent enough to realiize this and concerned enough to do his part.

I speak from personal experience as the proud owner of a vascectomy for over 20 years. For those unfamiliar with the facts, here they are:

1. A vascectomy does not reduce sexual desire or ability.

2. It is not painful. It can be done with only a local anesthetic. Healing time is short.

3. If done correctly, a vascectomy works forever. A cautious doctor will both cauterize and clamp the ends of the little tube, eliminating any chance of a spontaneous rejoining.

4. The cost is quite low, since it is simple clinic or office proceedure, and because concerned organizations like Planned Parenthood try to make it available to everyone.

5. The amount of semen per orgasm is not measurably reduced. Only the microscopic swimmers in the creamy river are missing.

6. Compared to the cost the cost of condoms or any of the female-side contraceptives, a vascectomy is a real bargain.

The feeling of freedom from worry about an unwanted pregancy would be worth any price. It is a truly wonderful liberation that enhances every sexual encounter for the rest of your life.

Those of you who think that the measure of your manhood is your ability to inflict progeny on your women and on the world should remember that any idiot can do that...and most of them do.