INTRODUCTION: The RKALD is a custom-fabricated device intended to minimize loss of the restroom keys due to unintended pocket concealment. It is designed for equal ease of use by either hand and either sex.

I designed and constructed it about 14 years ago at my place of employment, using a wooden bar about 12 inches long, and one inch square. I sanded it smooth, so that it has no sharp corners. A hole was drilled in one end, in which I inserted a large split-ring keyring.

On the opposite end is secured the hanger, an oval piece of plastic cut from the side of an automotive oil bottle. It is quite durable, attached with a screw. An oval hole is cut in the center of it. It can be quickly and effortlessly hung on a wall hook.

I am proud to say that it has endured until this very day, still in constant use by those in need of the bathrooms.


[1] Protrusionary pocketability: although it may be placed in the average pants pocket, tucked into a waistband, or dropped into a shirt or blouse, the carrier is unlikely to forget it is there.

Caution: Device may fall out of pocket if pants are removed, or if pocketer is not in an upright position. See feature #3.

[2] Deadbolt key swivel: a key attached to the swivel end may be rotated 360 degrees to lock or unlock a deadbolt lock.

[3] Armpitability: The device can be carried under the arm when the carrier needs both hands free and pocketing is impracticable.

[4] Self-defense usability: If the carrier is attacked while in or en route to the restroom, the device may be used as a weapon. Simply hold one end while hitting the assailant with the other, preferably on a vulnerable spot.

Caution: Effectiveness is not guaranteed for this purpose. Use as a weapon when not being attacked is illegal and should be avoided.

Originally it was conceived that the deadbolt key might be conveniently attached to the opposite end from the doorknob key, but management decided that might impair security. The following was based on the original intended configuration:
The doorknob key is attached to the end labeled “K”. The key at the other (swivel) end is the deadbolt key. If in doubt as to the proper use of the keys, please see the instruction manual that came with your key, or consult library or internet sources. Most keys may be utilized by inserting them into the keyhole and turning them to the left or right.

Absolutely no warranty is provided. This device is provided on an open source basis, and may be used free of charge and copied without limitation.

Copyright 2005 by Cosmic Rat