ELECTIONS ARE COMING and we're under attack. We've got to stop the forces of darkness.
Do you think I'm exaggerating? Not a bit. These are extremists who are playing on the dissatisfaction that comes with recession and unemployment to try to destroy the progress we've worked so hard for. Don't sit this one out! It is not Someone Else's Problem. It's OUR problem!

Dump McCain-- vote for Rod Glassman for Senator

We've watched Jan Brewer lie to our faces on national TV. Vote for Terry Goddard for Governor


Arizona Proposition 106: HELL NO! Insurance companies want to destroy health care reform. THEY WANT TO PROTECT THEIR OBSCENE PROFITS

Arizona Proposition 107: HELL NO! This is a fraud.

This proposition is NOT FOR equality, it is an attack on equality!
It is an attempt to ban all affirmative action programs. It will block progress toward equal opportunity for minorities in education, employment, and small business.

Arizona Proposition 109: Another fraud. We already have the right to hunt and fish. This opposes wildlife preservation efforts. Vote NO.

Arizona Proposition 113: NO! Its purpose is to make it harder for workers to unionize.

In another attempt to deceive voters, they are saying "save our secret ballot". This is not about your election ballot! Nobody wants to change that. This only about employees voting whether to have a union. In that situation, the "secret ballot" is only a ploy making it easier to intimidate and discourage workers from choosing to unionize.
This proposition is intended to block the national Employee Free Choice Act if it is passed by Congress
It is already hard in Arizona. Don't make it worse.

Arizona Proposition 301: Raid the Land Conservation Fund-- NO!

Jan Brewer lied when she said she balanced the budget; now she's still trying to balance it by grabbing the Land Conservation Fund, set aside by voters to preserve Arizona's natural beauty and specifically to fund our schools when any state lands are sold. Don't let her!

Arizona Proposition 302: Raid the Childhood Health & Development fund NO.

To be born in Arizona should not mean a second-rate childhood. Arizona continues to rank near the worst in education. First Things First, funded by cigarette taxes, helps prepare children to get the most out of school.

A list of dangerous extremists running for Congress, and some good people who deserve your vote.

Carly Fiorina often touts her business experience while she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard but leaves out a very important part of her track-record. During Fiorina's tenure, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped their jobs overseas to India and China. All you have to do is listen to the voices of former Hewlett-Packard employees to get to know the REAL Carly.