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Here's one the techies seem to have missed: solid-state instant replay for TV.
Sure, you can record it and replay it on your VCR, but it's a hassle just to be able to go back a minute to see what you missed when someone farted too loud, or you spilled your beer in your lap. Your TV should constantly record the last minute in a bank of memory chips, and, at the touch of a remote button, play it for you. A split screen would be a nice touch, so you don't miss the present.

Instant Ramplay is not just for sports fans (or sheep farmers)...use it for news reports, 'Baywatch' scenes, soap-opera dialogue...anything you didn't realize you wanted to pay attention to until it was too late.
Chipmakers will have a whole new ram market (not to be confused with bull and bear markets) besides helping computers keep pace with the Microsoft memory-hog programmers!

UPDATE: 9910.16

It seems that PHILLIPS has used my idea.
It's one of the features in a product they call personal tv, a $500 receiver that also records whole programs on a large hard drive, but requires a $10 a month "service provider" accessed through the telephone.
It seems to me that for $500, their receiver should do more.
Nevertheless, I'm glad Phillips liked my idea. Though i didn't ask for payment, a thank-you card would be nice.

UPDATE 200206.02

AND NOW: Replay TV by Sonic Blue and TIVO
Like Phillips, these companies never thanked me for my idea. They probably think I'll want to charge them for it, even though I said I wouldn't. But those of you who saw it here first know who you have to thank if you are using one of these devices. You're welcome.

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