Millions of us in the US still lack health insurance, or cannot afford the time and expense of seeing a doctor for minor conditions, so we seek simpler and less expensive solutions for health problems. It is a relief to find that some of these work quite well.

It has been said that nearly all men experience some degree of prostate enlargement. Treatments in the past have been not only costly but unpleasant and often debilitating.

I found that lycopene is effective to an extent. Some brands of multivitamins include it, and it can be found separately as well. It seems that it occurs naturally in tomato products-- juice, sauce, ketchup, etc. Italian food is good for you.

However, it seems that is not a total solution. Fortunately, there is a non-prescription (and thus affordable) formula that does actually relieve symptoms almost completely. The main ingredient is something called beta-sitosterol, along with a list of minerals: zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium, molybdenium, selenium, silicon, boron, vanadium, and germanium.

The important thing is, it works, and costs between $20 to $30 a month, well worth it. I'm using New Vitality's Super Beta Prostate, which is available to order online. There are other brands which should work if they have the same ingredients. I am not representing or selling any brand of this supplement; I just want to pass the information on to others who need it.

I have added an additional supplement, which has improved the results significantly: Pygeum. It's extracted from the bark of a tree (the one I use has 100 mg extract, plus 400 mg of the bark itself). Having added this (2 per day), both urine flow and frequency are nearly normal.

Perhaps as important as the supplements, frequent (preferably daily) sex and/ or masturbation is vital to prostate health. If you don't have a willing partner, don't hesitate to be your own best friend. Plenty of good pornography is available free on the internet, or if you prefer, buy DVD's, magazines, or books, but find a way to inspire and motivate a daily ejaculation. Not only does it keep the system working, it relaxes tension and improves your mood. And, when you do encounter a willing partner, it's good to know that your parts work.

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